About Post Conviction Legal Matters

After a conviction, there are a variety of legal actions that could be undertaken on behalf of the convicted individual.  These legal matters can be crucial to the future of the accused, and it is advised that you contact a Columbus criminal defense lawyer from James D. Owen, LLC immediately for any post-conviction legal issue.

These matters vary from fighting for a minimum sentence, alternative sentencing, early release, a new trial, or fighting for a modification of a sentence if the sentence appears to have been unfair, based upon your circumstances and other aspects of your case.

When current DNA testing may potentially exonerate an individual who was earlier convicted of a crime, this matter must be addressed immediately for the sake of the wrongfully convicted individual.

Columbus Post Conviction Legal Situations

When you have a post-conviction matter that must be addressed, it is vital that you have an experienced criminal defense lawyer from our firm to discuss the situation and advise you what can be done to resolve the matter. Some individuals were convicted by a court and their sentence violated the Constitution; others may have been sentenced by a court that did not have the jurisdiction to sentence the individual.

Others may have been convicted when certain evidence was not provided to the defense attorney at the time of the trial, a serious violation of the law. Others may have been jailed or imprisoned illegally, as their sentence, probation or parole had been satisfied, but the court put them in jail on a probation or parole violation.

Many cases in the area require an appeal, as justice was not served and an innocent person was convicted. This is the most tragic of situations, and these terrible miscarriages of justice must be addressed at once.

Whether the defense lawyer in the case was negligent and failed to provide quality defense, or in cases in which evidence that could have exonerated the individual was withheld, or cases of jury misconduct, or other legal error, it is vital that we get into action in fighting for the freedom for the innocent individual. We have successfully appealed countless such cases and allowed the innocent to be freed. We are committed to seeking justice and upholding the constitution and law for our clients.

Contact a Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney from our firm on all post conviction matters.