As a Lawyer, “You Are What Your Record Proves You Are.” At The Law Office of James D. Owen, LLC,  we believe a criminal defense lawyer is defined by his or her courtroom record – by what they’ve done, how well they did it, and whether the outcome was good for the client. In other words, you need a lawyer with a proven ability to win.

Mr. Owen focuses on criminal defense in Ohio courts with a proven record winning criminal cases. But our clients are not all suspects in major crimes: We handle all sorts of criminal matters from domestic violence or drunk driving, to drugs and narcotics, as well as white-collar charges.

The firm, based in Columbus, Ohio, represents both ordinary people and high-profile clients.  The Law office of James D. Owen, LLC has an impressive track record where it counts – in the courts. In fact, the single most important factor that distinguishes our firm from its competitors is its track record.

The Mr. Owen’s record of winning NOT GUILTY jury verdicts has continued for 25 years, and puts us in a better position to represent our clients, even if the case is ultimately resolved through a negotiated plea bargain because prosecutors know that we will not hesitate to go to trial. The firm’s impressive track record winning NOT GUILTY jury verdicts is chronicled in COURTROOM VICTORIES and in IN THE NEWS.

The Law office of James D. Owen LLC is highly recognized. One way to evaluate a criminal defense law firm is by the peer review and recognition they have earned. The Law Office of James D. Owen, LLC and its record of success has been recognized by local, regional and national newspapers and publications as well as professional organizations.

The Akron Beacon Journal, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Playboy, and Cincinnati Magazine have all published articles recognizing our legal work and record of winning cases.

Contact a Columbus Criminal Defense Attorney from our firm for recognized, proven legal counsel in all types of criminal accusations.