Criminal Appeals Attorneys

If you have received a conviction in a case, you may feel like there is no way out.  However, it is important to remember that you may still have options. If you believe that your trial was not fair in any way, you may be granted an appeal. Contact James D. Owen, LLC as soon as possible to receive knowledgeable legal counsel.

An expert attorney will be able to review your case and know if you are eligible for an appeal. It is possible for an innocent person to wind up in prison, and an appeal is often the only option for having a conviction re-examined.

How to Appeal a Criminal Charge

There are many ways an appeal may be granted. It is not uncommon for errors to occur in the justice system, as mistakes may be made at trial and juror misconduct may occur. The appellate court operates outside and above the court of your original conviction.

Here the original trial is evaluated and the court determines if you are eligible for another trial.  The skill of the attorney preparing your appeal is a critical point, as these legal actions must be presented skillfully, both in documentation and argument.

Contact an Appeals Attorney

At James D. Owen, LLC our attorneys will research your case extensively.  We will have access to court transcripts and can uncover any errors that may have occurred in your trial. If the Court of Appeals decides to reverse your conviction, your case returns to the trial court.  At this point, the prosecution attorney may or may not seek a new prosecution.

A strong attorney is invaluable throughout the process of an appeal. Your freedom may be at stake, so do not wait to take action.  Appeals were created with the protection of your rights in mind, because the legal system is aware that mistakes do occur. It is your right to appeal a conviction and, for many, it is a necessity.  Call our firm today so that we can begin assisting you immediately.