Arrested For Driving After License Was Suspended for DUI

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There are several ways that a person’s license can be suspended in connection with DUI.

First, a person’s license can be suspended under an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) for failing a chemical test of their blood, breath, or urine, or for refusing to submit to such a test after being arrested for DUI.

Second, after a person is charged with DUI a court can suspend the person’s license while the case is pending.  This is known as a pretrial suspension.  Third, a person’s license will be suspended if they are convicted of DUI.  If a person drives a vehicle without driving privileges, or outside the scope of those driving privileges, they can be charged with Driving Under Suspension in Ohio.

Driving under DWI license suspension is a serious offense.  Most people don’t appreciate the potential consequences if they are caught driving after having their license suspended for DUI.  Like Ohio’s DUI law, Driving under an OVI suspension has escalating penalties depending on the number of prior convictions within the preceding six year period.

A first offense within six years is a misdemeanor of the first degree and carries a mandatory 3 day jail sentence, or alternatively 30 days of house arrest with electronic monitoring.

The maximum sentence is up to 180 days in jail or 180 days of house arrest with electronic monitoring.  There is also a minimum fine of $250.  In addition, if the person owns the vehicle both the vehicle and the license plates must be impounded for 30 days.  Subsequent offenses carry even more serious penalties.

In order to avoid being charged with Ohio Driving Under Suspension, limited driving privileges should be sought and strictly adhered to.

If you’ve been arrested for driving under a DUI suspension, contacting a Columbus DUI attorney is an important step in defending yourself against the serious consequences that can result from a conviction.