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You may need bail or a bond in order to be released from custody in Columbus if you or a family member is arrested on criminal charges. Under Ohio law, there are 3 allowable types of bond.

Unsecured Bond

An Unsecured or Recognizance bond is the least restrictive type of bond. This is generally referred to as an “O.R.” or “Signature” Bond. A recognizance bond does not require any payment of money, and is no more than a unsecured promise by the accused to appear in court when scheduled to do so. Your attorney should have the Court set this type of bond so that you can be released from jail without payment.

Appearance Bond

A standard bail bond requires a deposit of 10% of the stated bond amount with the Court. This is generally referred to as an “Appearance” or “10%” bond. It requires the Court to return 90% of the 10% deposit at the close of the case. This is the second most desirable type of Bond to have the Court set.

Cash Bond

The third and most costly type of Bond is a Cash or Surety Bond. A Cash Bond requires full payment of the bond amount to the court in advance of release. Upon compliance with the bond’s conditions, the full amount is refunded at the end of the case.

A Surety Bond involves a bondsman, who charges a premium and then issues an insurance policy to the court ensuring payment of the entire bond amount in the event that the Defendant fails to appear at court. If a person has a Cash or Surety Bond, he can elect whether to pay the full amount to the court, or to hire and pay a bondsman to post an insurance policy ensuring that you will appear at court.

Bond types can vary, and may be part surety, appearance, and recognizance. Courts can also attach other conditions on bond, such as restrictions on travel, residence, employment, electronic monitoring, or prohibitions against contact with witnesses or alleged victims.

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