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Murder Charges Dropped In Case Defended By Columbus Attorneys James Owen And Todd Long

Murder Charges Dropped In Columbus Homicide Case

By James D. Owen, Criminal Defense Lawyer in Columbus, Ohio

On the motion of Columbus Defense Attorneys James D. Owen and Todd A. Long, Franklin County prosecutors dismissed Murder charges against Columbus resident Cortez L. Montgomery.

Defense Claims Self-Defense

At a hearing held on Monday, June 28, 2010, Prosecutors advised the Court, the Murder charges were being dropped because the State could not rebut the defense claim of self-defense.  The dismissal came after a detailed investigation conducted by Owen and Long was presented to prosecutors.  The evidence gathered by Owen and Long included detailed witnesses accounts and surveillance videos which displayed important parts of the altercation between the accused and alleged victim.

Montgomery, who had a lengthy criminal record, was indicted on Murder charges arising from the shooting which occurred  in a Near East Side bar.  He was facing a prison term of 18 years to life in prison if convicted of the murder.  Initially, witnesses reported that Montgomery started a fight and shot the alleged victim, Marcus Davis, several times in cold blood.

Experienced Attorneys Conduct Detailed Investigation

A detailed investigation conducted by attorneys Owen and Long showed that Montgomery actually acted in self-defense, only after Davis first drew a gun.  Owen and Long argued to the prosecutors that the evidence showed that Montgomery actions were taken in self-defense in response to the threat from Davis.  At the hearing, Columbus Attorney James Owen advised the court that a portion of one surveillance video actually showed Davis entering the bar “with his gun drawn.”

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