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    Columbus Police to Begin Restaurant Compliance Checks

    Restaurants throughout Ohio began to open their doors for dine-in customers after lengthy shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Outside dining on restaurant patios began May 15, and inside dining followed closely on May 21. Before reopening to on-site and dine-in service, Ohio eateries had been limited to carryout and home delivery service only. The reopening comes with strict rules, though, to limit the possibility of a second wave of infections. While many restaurants are following the rules, others are not. Because of that, some Columbus police officers are helping to ensure Ohio eating spots follow the rules. What Are the Rules for Restaurants to Re-Open for Dine-In Service? The…

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    What are the penalties for the crime of Gross Sexual Imposition in Ohio?

    If you or a loved one is facing or threatened with a charge of Gross Sexual Imposition in Ohio, then you need to know as much as you can about both the charge and potential penalties and contact a sex crime attorney in Columbus. Let’s start with Ohio’s definition of the crime of Gross Sexual Imposition. In Ohio, under Ohio Revised Code Section 2907.05(A), a person commits the crime of Gross Sexual Imposition by touching another person’s genitals, thigh, pubic region, or female breast for the purpose of sexual gratification but only if it is done in one of three ways: When the touching is done through force or threat…

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    Is Columbus, OH Safe?

    With over 850,000 residents, Columbus is the third-largest city in the Midwest. It’s definitely a boomtown. It’s also a popular destination for millions of travelers each year. When people either live in or visit cities as large as Columbus, questions about safety are just as widespread as interest in the Buckeyes football team. Why Do So Many People Visit Columbus? As the largest city in the state of Ohio, it’s not surprising to find plenty going on. In addition to serving as the home city for The Ohio State University, Columbus is also the site for the legendary state fair, an expanding culinary scene, and growing museums. What’s The Crime…

  • Sex Crimes

    Is it Illegal to Have Sex in a Car in Ohio?

    When you think about having sex in a car, you may think about teenagers trying to find a little privacy. However, adults are also guilty of using a car to find a little privacy to engage in sexual relations with another person. Before you and your partner decide it might be exciting to have sex in a car in Ohio, you may want to think carefully. There are many instances in which having sex in a car could result in very severe sex crime charges. In general, whether or not you can be arrested depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. The most likely situation that could result…

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  • Murder

    Ohio Proposes New Felony Offense – Abortion Murder

    Lawmakers in Ohio want to charge women with murder if they have an abortion. Under a newly proposed law, a woman could potentially face up to 15 years in an Ohio state prison for terminating a pregnancy. Doctors who perform abortions could also face charges for murder. The bill marks one of the most aggressive attempts to make abortion illegal in the nation. Understanding Ohio’s Murder Statute  Murder is a type of homicide. Homicide refers to the act of one person killing another. Homicide can be lawful and unlawful. Murder falls under the category of unlawful homicide. In Ohio, murder is defined in ORC § 2903.02 to mean “purposely caus[ing]…

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    Does Ohio Have a Felony Murder Rule?

    In most states, you can face criminal charges for murder if, while committing or attempting to commit a felony, someone dies. This is called felony murder. It doesn’t matter whether the felony was successful or if the death was entirely accidental. The fact that someone died while you were attempting to commit a felony offense is enough to warrant murder charges against you. Ohio does have a version of a felony-murder rule. However, the law is quite narrow. You can only face “felony murder” charges in Ohio if you cause a death while committing or attempting to commit one of a handful of violent crimes. Does that mean you’re off…

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    Can You go to Jail for Giving Someone Herpes in Ohio?

    There have been many lawsuits filed across the United States alleging a person exposed another person to a sexually-transmitted disease. A high-profile lawsuit a few years ago involved Usher as a defendant. In 2017, a Cleveland, Ohio woman sued a former ex-boyfriend alleging that he failed to inform her that he had herpes. The truth is that you can face criminal charges if you give someone herpes. You can also face civil liability for exposing partners to sexually-transmitted diseases like herpes. The criminal charges and circumstances govern whether you could go to jail for giving someone herpes. Transmitting a Sexually Transmitted Disease A sexually transmitted disease or STD is an…

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    Could Ohio Go Into Martial Law Due To Coronavirus?

    Ohioans have been under a Stay At Home order since March 23, 2020. The initial Stay At Home order expired on April 6, 2020. However, a new Stay At Home order in Ohio was issued on April 7, 2020, and continues through May 1, 2020. The chances of martial law being initiated in Ohio are low. Governor Mike DeWine addressed rumors about martial law several times. Gov. DeWine explained that the National Guard was in Ohio to assist in food pantries. The top guardsman in Ohio also confirmed they were not deployed in Ohio to institute martial law. Major General John C. Harris, Jr. confirmed the National Guard would be…

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    What Are Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude?

    In some cases, a criminal conviction can have consequences beyond fines, imprisonment, or other criminal penalties. Civil penalties may also apply. An individual injured during the commission of a crime might obtain a monetary judgment against the criminal in civil court. However, some criminal convictions involving crimes of moral turpitude can result in the loss of a professional license. Crimes involving moral turpitude can also impact a person’s immigration status or the ability to obtain certain jobs. Our criminal defense attorneys in Columbus assist clients in developing defense strategies to fight allegations of moral turpitude crimes aggressively. What is Moral Turpitude? A crime of moral turpitude generally involves offenses that…

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    How to Deal with an Outstanding Warrant for Your Arrest

    So, you learned that there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest. You probably have a lot of questions. What exactly is a warrant? How did you get a warrant for your arrest? How did it become outstanding? What are the rules of warrants in Ohio? What happens after a warrant is issued? What steps should you take next to deal with your outstanding warrant?  What is a Warrant? A warrant is an order that is issued by a legal authority that permits someone to take some sort of action against another. The legal authority is someone with legal or administrative powers. In general, this is an order issued by…

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