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State of Ohio v. C. H.: F-4 drug charge reduced to Misdemeanor

Our client, a 51-year-old Columbus man, was indicted on a fourth degree felony charge of possession of cocaine. He was caught red-handed by the Columbus police with a significant amount of cocaine, and $40.00 in marked “buy” money used by an undercover informant earlier that day to purchase cocaine from our client.

After filing a well-reasoned motion to dismiss for statutory and constitutional reasons, the prosecutor decided to offer a plea to a misdemeanor.  Our client ultimately pleaded guilty to a much reduced misdemeanor offense with no jail time, no probation, and no court costs.

In this case, the reduction to a misdemeanor  resulted from the motion to dismiss drafted and  filed by our law firm.  To fight hard, we don’t always find it wise to holler and scream — although often we do.  Sometimes what is needed is the hard work that goes into researching, drafting, and filing well reasoned motions to compel, suppress, or dismiss.  That is what happened here.

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