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STATE OF OHIO v. D.B.: Columbus F-2 Burglary case Dismissed

Burglary case Dismissed

Our client, a 24-year-old Columbus man, was indicted by the Franklin County, Ohio grand jury on one count of Burglary, a second degree felony.  As a second degree felony, Burglary carries a potential sentence of 8 years imprisonment.  Although the victim’s property was discovered in our client’s apartment, our client denied any involvement or knowledge about the burglary.

Columbus attorney at James D. Owen, LLC prepared the case for trial, which the prosecution dismissed during the jury selection process.  We believe that the painstaking preparation led to the dismissal.  Our client is now eligible to expunge and seal all records relating to his arrest and conviction.  He praises our attorney for helping him to save his job, reputation, and career.

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