Aggravated burglary is the act of breaking and entering with a deadly weapon into a structure, whether it is an occupied dwelling, a store, a gas station, etc, for the purpose of committing an offense. 

Even if you do not use the weapon, you could still wind up being convicted of aggravated burglary, and it is considered a felony offense which carries severe consequences like incarceration, probation and substantial fines, not to mention a criminal record that will make it difficult to get a job, a home and be able to take advantage of other important future opportunities.

Aggravated Burglary is a Felony Offense

Many aggravated burglary offenses wind up being combined with other charges such as:

If you or someone you care about has been arrested or is facing charges for aggravated burglary, you will need to hire a competent Columbus criminal defense attorney to protect your legal rights and fight for your future freedom.

Aggravated Burglary Cases

At the Law Office James D. Owen, LLC, our seasoned attorney has been fighting for the freedom and innocence of our clients for over 25 years.  We feel that a criminal defense lawyer is only as good as the wins they have accumulated for past clients. 

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When facing criminal charges of any kind, it is extremely important that you do not answer questions or provide statements to police, investigators or prosecuting attorneys without your lawyer present. 

Even if you think that what you have to say will prove that you are innocent of the charges you are facing, the information you give could wind up being twisted and used against you in court.  Your attorney from our firm will provide the guidance and protection you need to ensure that what you say won’t hurt the integrity of your case.

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