Columbus Breaking and Entering Lawyer

Breaking and entering is a crime in which a person creates an opening into a structure and then proceeds to enter it without the consent of the property owner, manager or renter. 

king and entering can also be referred to as burglary when the person who breaks and enters does so with the intention to commit an offense.  Additionally, if the assailant has a deadly weapon on them during the criminal activity, it can be elevated to an aggravated burglary and will be treated as a felony offense.

If you or someone you care about has been charged with, or is being investigated for, a breaking and entering, criminal trespass, burglary or aggravated burglary crime, you will need to obtain representation from a competent Columbus criminal defense attorney that knows how to defend you and protect your legal rights and interests.

If Convicted, You Could be Facing Serious Consequences

A conviction for breaking and entering, depending on the severity of your crime and if the charges are being combined with any others, can lead to severe penalties like incarceration, substantial fines, probation, community service and a criminal record that can prevent many future opportunities like your ability to get a job and a home.

This is not the time to trust your future freedom and livelihood to an inexperienced legal representative.  Criminal arrests, charges and a conviction will change your life for a very long time if it is not fought correctly.

At the Law Office of James D. Owen LLC, our seasoned criminal defense attorney believes that success is based on a proven ability to win for our clients.  We possess that strength and apply our knowledge, experience, talent and creativity to each and every case we take on.  If you are looking for effective representation, we will provide it and we will relentlessly pursue victory in your criminal legal matter.

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