Can a Police Officer Pat You Down During a Traffic Stop in Ohio?

Imagine you just got pulled over at the side of the interstate for going 75mph in a 65mph zone. The weather is cold and unpleasant. The officer who pulled you over already has your license. Now he asks that you step out of your vehicle so he can pat you down.

You might wonder if you have to comply.

Can a police officer pat you down in Columbus?

The Best Answer

You should get out of the car. You should tell him you do not consent to the search, but you should cooperate fully and not resist if he insists on patting you down.

The Correct Answer

Yes, you must get out of the car. No, he may not pat you down.

The Wrong Reaction

Refuse to get out of the car or resist his attempts to pat you down.

Supreme Court Decision

The U.S. Supreme Court decided many years ago, in a case called Pennsylvania v. Mimms, that an officer may order someone who he has stopped for a traffic violation to get out of the car. Thus, you do not have a choice in the matter. It does not matter that the weather is unpleasant or that the officer does not have a clear reason for asking you to get out. When the officer asks you to “please step out of your car,” you have to do it. As mentioned in Part VIII of this series, these sorts of “requests” can be confusing.

A polite officer will often ask things like, “Would you please step out of your car? May I please see your license? Would you please pop your trunk? Would you please open your glove-box so I can take a look?” All of these sound like requests. The first two “requests” are orders, so you cannot refuse.

The last two questions are fully optional requests which you may, and should, refuse. According to Ohio laws, you have to identify yourself to the police but they cannot search your car without a warrant. The only way to tell the difference is to know your rights. Thus, as the CORRECT and BEST answers recognize, you must get out of the car when the officer asks you to.

When can police pat you down?

An officer may conduct a pat-down search or “frisk” if he has a reason believe that you are armed and dangerous. But in this case, there’s no reason to believe that you are armed and dangerous because he stopped you for speeding.

Speeding is not a violent offense. In an armed robbery, for example, the officer may have a reasonable suspicion that the offender is armed. Therefore, the officer may not pat you down. Because he has no reason to believe you have weapons or contraband, the search is a “fishing expedition” (a search with no clearly defined purpose).

Can you refuse a police pat down in Ohio?

A person is never entitled to resist a police officer. If the officer insists upon violating your rights and patting you down, you cannot resist him. All you can do is come to court, assert a civil action or attempt to exclude any evidence the officer finds during the pat-down.

For this reason, the CORRECT answer states that the officer does not have the right to pat you down but the BEST answer recognizes that you cannot refuse to cooperate. You should, however, tell the officer you do not consent to any searches so that it is clear that he does not have your consent if he chooses to pat you down.

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