Columbus Federal Habeas Petition Attorney

It’s a fact, that if Federal Authorities have arrested an individual, the Feds believe they have an air-tight case.

They typically believe they can’t lose.

Even worse, without the right attorney, you likely will. The Feds don’t lose many.

Our advice…. if you or a family member has been arrested by federal authorities, find the best attorney you can – as quickly as you can.

We have significant experience with Federal Cases and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your issues in confidence. And if we can help, we will.

Federal Habeas Petitions

When you have been arrested on a federal offense, it is necessary that the arrest and incarceration is done per certain restrictions, procedures, and within the law. In many cases it has been found that the individual charged faced an unlawful detention, requiring that a defense attorney file a federal habeas petition seeking to have the individual freed from the jail or prison.

The “Writ of Habeas Corpus” is a summons, similar to a court order and carrying the same legal weight, demanding that the individual who imprisoned the person in question appears in court to prove that they had the legal right to take them into custody. Illegal imprisonment is a serious and tragic matter, and demands a skilled and experience federal defense attorney to assist in the process.

Filing a Federal Habeas Petition in Columbus

How the matter is addressed is of ultimate concern to the client and their families, as the writ itself as well as the court hearing involved must be handled by an exceptionally qualified lawyer with experience in addressing federal petitions. This form of petition can also be used when the individual involved has used all potential appeals processes without result.

In capital punishment, this may the last legal action that can be taken for the individual who was convicted of first degree murder or other capital crime. Many people have been imprisoned that were completely innocent, and in such cases, this is an opportunity to seek justice at last.

These cases have increased in recent years in cases in which an individual is accused of being associated with terrorist organizations, or are a considered to be a potential threat to the security of the country. Sadly, many innocent individuals have been swept up in the fervor to protect the country, and could have been imprisoned and unable to contact families, friends or others for a period of time.

Our sense of justice and belief in the legal system is a great advantage when fighting for our client who has faced illegal detention, or the authorities in question have overstepped the bounds of the law. We will fight for justice in such cases. There are strict time limits in which to file, and immediate action is necessary in such cases.

Contact a Columbus Federal Defense Attorney from our firm to assist in filing a federal habeas petition on behalf of those who have been the victim of unlawful detention.