Criminal Defense

Columbus Criminal DefenseEvery client is unique; each case different; and each success is rooted in our desire to help and our passion to win. For more than 25 years, we have aggressively defended our clients to obtain the best possible results. Our Columbus criminal defense attorneys have an unparalleled record for winning our cases.
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What Your Lawyer Should Tell You About Criminal Defense

To evaluate a criminal defense attorney, and learn whether he or she really has talent, view his or her record of Courtroom Victories. If charged with a felony, learn more by downloading our Ohio Felony Defense Guide. To find out why only a very few attorneys have a proven record winning tough criminal cases, learn Why We Win. You can find more information on specific types of criminal charges at the links below.

Police Investigations
Bail and Bonds
Burglary, Breaking and Entering
Child Endangerment
Child Pornography
Criminal Appeals
Criminal Threats
Damaging, Mischief, and Vandalism
Domestic Violence
Drug Offenses
Gambling Crimes
Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
Juvenile Offenses
Kidnapping and Abduction
Sex, Obscenity, and Child Pornography
Tampering, Obstruction, and Falsification/Bribery
Columbus Ohio Criminal DefenseTheft Crimes
Felony Offenses
Manslaughter Defense
Restraining Orders
Vehicular Crimes
Weapon Offenses
White Collar Crimes
Criminal Appeals, Post-conviction, and Federal Habeas
Sentencing/Probation/Probation Violations/Intervention-in-lieu of Conviction/Diversion
Judicial Release
Expungements and Sealing of Records
Prostitution Charges
Rape Charges

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