Do the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests test the skills needed for driving?

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Hire an attorney who understands that field sobriety tests don’t test the skills needed for driving.    When one applies for a license to drive in Ohio, there is a vision test, a driving test, and a written test that must be passed.  The Standardized Field Sobriety Tests do not appear anywhere in the BMV’s requirements because they do not test the skills one needs in order to operate a vehicle.

Consider the eye exam when you get your license at the BMV.  You either look into that little black box on the counter or at a chart on the wall.  The BMV doesn’t check for horizontal gaze nystagmus before it determines that your vision qualifies for a driver’s license.

What about the driving test?  People aren’t asked to stand on one leg or walk a line heel-to-toe when they get their licenses.  Most people probably walk to their car to take their driving portion of the test with the examiner, but they do so in their normal manner.

Before a person takes the written test, they can get a study manual to prepare and know in advance what score they have to achieve in order to pass.  Police officers don’t give people warm-up sessions on the side of the road in order to prepare for the field sobriety tests, nor do they tell the person how they will be graded.

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