Columbus DUI Alcohol Testing Lawyer

Alcohol testing, either through blood or breath tests, is the most commonly used form of evidence against those who are accused of DUI in Columbus. Although this testing has strict protocol about how it is administered, there are frequently errors in how the testing was actually administered in your case.

The individual could be convicted based upon evidence that was faulty if the test was not administered correctly. The Columbus DUI attorney from the Law Office of James D. Owen, LLC will review all alcohol testing evidence that has been obtained to determine whether your arrest and charge was flawed.

Alcohol Testing Evidence in DUI Cases

Results from the chemical testing of breath, blood, or urine for alcohol can provide strong evidence in an OVI/DUI case.  The results of chemical tests can be used not only as evidence that the person was impaired, but can form the basis of a “per se” OVI charge when the test result is over the legal limit.

However, chemical tests are subject to numerous laws, regulations, and protocols that determine whether the test results can even be used as evidence against you.

  • First, there are statutory admissibility requirements.
  • Second, there are detailed regulations promulgated by the Ohio Director of Health that must be followed.
  • Finally, the person administering the test must follow the appropriate protocol and the manufacturer’s directions for the test and any equipment involved.

We have extensive experience in alcohol testing and challenging the prosecutor’s evidence when it is determined that law enforcement or testing personnel incorrectly administered the test. The first step in any DUI or OVI arrest is to contact our firm as soon as you have been arrested so that we can review every details of the evidence against you for flaws, errors and all defense opportunities to exploit in your defense.

Contact a Columbus DUI Attorney from our firm for immediate action in defending DUI or OVI charges.