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The Ohio Revised Code encompasses the laws of Ohio as determined by our legislature. The Ohio Revised Code sets forth rules prohibiting criminal conduct, as well as rules governing and prohibiting certain conduct for those who operate vehicles in the State of Ohio. The following is a link to the Ohio Revised Code:

If you have been arrested and charged with any DUI/OVI charge, it is vital to contact DUI attorneys in Columbus that can defend you. At James D. Owen, LLC, we have the extensive knowledge of all applicable state laws, recent case law, scientific evidence to support all types of court challenges on field sobriety tests, alcohol testing, common client mistakes when arrested and charged, drunk driving penalties and how to fight to defend even the most serious of criminal DUI/OVI charges, including drunk driving with injury cases and other felony offenses related to drunk driving.

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DUI Defense: The Law and You

It is extremely dangerous to your future and freedom to enter a courtroom on any DUI charge without an aggressive, hard-hitting defense lawyer to fight for you. It is a well-established fact that the quality of your defense lawyer will have much to do with your case outcome. We take our cases on with a full commitment to our clients. We seek out every defense option that can be found upon review of the evidence, and will relentlessly fight on your behalf.

If you are apathetic and “just plead guilty” you will most certainly face serious penalties. Those who choose to be proactive and contact a skilled lawyer to fight for them often obtain the best results: walking free, having their cases dismissed, or acquittal at trial.

Is your freedom worth the cost? When you calculate all the potential damages and costs of a conviction, including increased insurance rates, loss of license, fines, court fees, jail or prison time and other ramifications, we strongly advise you to contact our legal team at once.

Contact a Columbus OVI Defense Attorney from our firm at once if you are in trouble with the law due to a DUI/OVI offense.

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