Gambling Charges

Gambling Charges

Chapter 2915 of the Ohio Revised Code lists criminal charges for illegal gambling in Ohio. This includes illegal gambling for profit; bookmaking; operating a gambling house; public gaming; cheating and “fixing” sports events; and illegal bingo. The most frequently encountered Ohio gambling offenses are outlined below:

Section 2915.02, “Gambling,” criminalizes most games of chance, professional gambling, and gambling for profit in Ohio. Except for bookmaking, it does not outlaw gambling not done for profit. This crime of Gambling is a first degree misdemeanor in Ohio, unless there is a prior gambling conviction, in which case it is a fifth degree felony.

Section 2915.02, “Operating a Gambling House,” prohibits a person who rents or owns a house from using or allowing another to use the property for illegal gambling in Ohio. The penalties for this crime are the same as for the crime of “Gambling.

Other Ohio gambling crimes outlined in Chapter 2915 of the Ohio Revised Code include: “Public Gambling” (Section 2915.04); “Cheating” (Section 2915.05); Operating a “Skill-Based Amusement Machine” and “Illegal Bingo.”

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