There are few crimes that are more horrifying than murder; the intentional, planned killing of another human being. If you or a loved one has been accused of this crime, it is vital that you have a Columbus criminal defense lawyer that has extensive courtroom experience and talent, and has successfully defended capital murder cases.

At James D. Owen, LLC, we have the experience and proven record to bring to the table for our clients who face this frightening and dangerous accusation. The death penalty is a real possibility if you are charged with first degree murder; the state still executes people convicted of aggravated murder every year. 15 years to life is an alternative.

Aggravated Murder

When the death occurred and a sex crime was involved, the penalty extends to 30 years to life. Aggravated murder includes the death of another individual that had prior calculation and design, and can include the death of the baby when a woman was pregnant at the time of a calculated violent act.

When a law enforcement officer is killed in the commission of a crime, the charge will likely be aggravated murder — a death penalty case. If you are under investigation for murder, you must ensure that your rights are protected from the moment you are asked to provide information. This usually indicates that an arrest will shortly follow.

Murder Defense Attorneys

An accusation of murder is one of the most serious of all criminal charges, and one should ensure that they have a proven defense lawyer, and never try a “rookie” in such a situation. You need a skilled trial lawyer, and it is well recognized that the trial abilities and courtroom talent of your attorney can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

Whether there were mitigating circumstances, such as self defense, or if it is a case of mistaken identity or any number of other potential defenses, we have the extensive knowledge and experience in defending murder cases you will require if accused of this very serious felony offense.

Contact a Columbus Lawyer from our firm at once if charged with murder.