How can I get a copy of my Ohio criminal record?

Criminal Record Check In Ohio

Have you ever wondered how to get a copy of your “rap sheet?”  Here is how you can do a criminal record check in the state of Ohio.  First,  you can get a list of your criminal charges and convictions from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (”BCI”).  But this list only includes convictions from Ohio courts.

Federal Criminal Record Check

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (”FBI”) provides a nation-wide report that includes convictions from every state. This is the most accurate listing. You must provide written permission and your fingerprints in order to obtain a BCI or FBI report.

You can get a copy of your BCI or FBI report from any webcheck location. To get a list of locations, including those in Columbus, go to the BCI website at:

Why You Need A Copy Of Your Criminal Record

  1. Keep your story straight.  You want to have a copy of your criminal record for your own personal use if you are trying to remember dates or specifics of previous infractions.
  2. Prepare for a job interview in which you may be asked questions about your criminal history.
  3. Volunteer positions oftentimes require you to present your criminal record.
  4. When you are adopting a child, it is almost always required to submit your criminal record.
  5. Determine your eligibility to expunge or seal your Ohio criminal case or conviction.  

How Long Does It Take?

Once you’ve filed the necessary forms, most states will get your criminal record to you within two to four weeks.  Federal records may take five to six weeks for processing and delivery.

How Much Does It Cost?

A background check from BCI costs $32.00. An FBI report costs $34.00. The fee for both is $61.00.

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