How To Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney

How To Hire An Attorney

What do you do if you’ve never hired a lawyer before?

How do you go about finding a lawyer who is really going to stand up and fight for you against the government?

How do you find a lawyer that really has talent?

The short answer is this: Investigate! Find out the lawyer’s track record.

Do they actually try cases?  Are they ever even in front of a jury?  Or will they simply take your money, fail to do their job, and force you into a plea bargain, without first finding out whether you have a defendable case.

A criminal defense lawyer is defined by what he does in the courtroom.  In short, a lawyer is what his trial record proves he is.

Most lawyers won’t even give you a list of jury trials they’ve won.  That’s because, quite frankly, really good criminal trial lawyers, are few and far between.

Check out the success record of each and every lawyer you investigate; compare that record with the competition.  And determine what experience each lawyer has handling cases similar to yours.

Then hire the lawyer who shows you he has the proven ability to win.

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