Fighting abduction and kidnapping charges can be very difficult. It just makes sense to hire the best defense attorney you can, because the penalties are severe.

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Ohio law details four different kinds of abduction charges, the most serious being kidnapping. These charges include abduction, unlawful restraint, and criminal child enticement.


Ohio’s kidnapping statute recognizes two forms of kidnapping.

The first type of kidnapping prohibits removal or restraint of liberty of another by force, threat, or deception. Purposes of kidnapping include ransom, the commission of a another felony, or to terrorize or cause serious bodily harm.

The second type of kidnapping does not require that the removal or restraint be done for any of the specified purposes required in the previous subsection, if it is done in a way that creates a risk of serious physical harm to the person.


Abduction is a lesser kidnapping offense. There are also three types of the crime in Ohio:

(1) removal of another by force or threat;
(2) restraint of another by force or threat under conditions that create a risk of bodily harm or fear; and
(3) holding another in a condition of “involuntary servitude.”

Unlawful Restraint and Criminal Child Enticement

Section 2905.03 of the Ohio Revised Code defines unlawful restraint. It is the knowing restraint of another’s liberty, a lesser included offense of both kidnapping and of abduction.

Criminal child enticement is soliciting, coaxing, enticing, or luring of a child under the age of 14 into accompanying the offender in any manner, including entering into a motor vehicle.

Please view the Ohio Revised Code, Title 29, Chapter 2905 for a more detailed description of the Ohio laws and penalties for these offenses.

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