The term ‘importuning’ means attempting to get a minor to engage in sexual activity. When it comes to penalties, importuning laws take into account the two individuals’ age difference. It may also include the use of the internet or other means of communication. Ohio law, specifically Ohio Revised Code Section 2907.07, defines the crime of importuning as the solicitation of “sexual activity” in three contexts.

  1. Under age thirteen

Any attempt to solicit “sexual activity” from another person, when that person is less than 13 years old, is prohibited.

  1. Under age sixteen

Any attempt to solicit “sexual conduct” from another person, when that person is older than age 13, but less than age 16, is prohibited. An important detail emerges here with regard to the form of solicitation. In this case, the offense is narrower, requiring a solicitation of “sexual conduct,” not “sexual activity.”

  1. Telecommunication

Any attempt to solicit “sexual activity,” using a telecommunications device, from another person who is older than age 13, but less than age 16, is prohibited.

If you have recently been arrested for importuning, you need the immediate assistance of a skilled Columbus criminal defense team.  If you do not avail yourself of legal assistance you could be facing extensive jail time, fines, registration on the sex offender’s list, and more.  A full review of your case should be done immediately in order to ascertain the appropriate facts and evidence needed for your defense.

Even though it may seem like your future is already lost, there are still many options available to you.  The prosecution and law enforcement will want you to believe that you are helpless. In reality, the attorney that you choose may be able to greatly reduce, or drop your charges altogether.

Importuning Defense

Importuning is a common sex crime and, depending on the evidence gathered against you, there are many defense tools available. This fact highlights the importance of speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. Early intervention could mean a dramatic difference in your case.  In some cases, the evidence gathered was done so illegally and is, therefore, not allowed in court.  This leaves the prosecution without evidence by which to prosecute, and the defendant with an excellent chance to obtain a not guilty verdict.

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