Voyeurism essentially criminalizes the conduct of “Peeping Toms.” Eavesdropping and spying are prohibited when it comes to any purposes of sexual gratification. In addition, this criminal offense must include an invasion of someone’s privacy. Without this ingredient, charges of voyeurism cannot stick. Voyeurism charges usually take two basic forms.

  1. Eavesdropping or spying, for the purpose of sexually gratifying oneself, and
  2. Using film, photograph, or videotape (or any other recording mechanism) to invade another’s privacy while that person is nude. It is a further offense when that person is both nude and a minor.

If You Are Convicted, You Could be Facing Serious Repercussions

Being arrested, charged or investigated for voyeurism is not only embarrassing, but can severely harm your professional career and personal reputation.  The stigma that surrounds these types of charges is very noticeable and most clients trying to clear their name are treated as if they are already guilty.  The fact is that you are innocent until a judge or jury says otherwise.

Unless they involve photos, videos, or other types of media depicting sexual images of minors, most voyeurism charges are considered to be misdemeanor offenses (in which case the charge would be elevated to a felony). Whatever the circumstances are, if you or someone you know is facing allegations for voyeurism or any other type of sex crime, you will need a competent Columbus criminal attorney to fight your charges.

At James D. Owen, LLC we have spent the past 25 years defending clients in all types of criminal defense matters, including sex crimes. We aim to win every case that is possible to be won and have the track record to prove it.  We strongly believe that a criminal defense attorney is defined by his or her ability to win for their clients, and we exemplify that statement.  If you are looking for sex crimes lawyers in Columbus, we are prepared to relentlessly fight for your legal rights and interests in your case.

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