Should I Complete a Driver Intervention Program?

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A conviction for a first offense DUI charge carries a mandatory three day jail sentence, or, alternatively, three days in an approved Driver Intervention Program (DIP).  Typically, if a person is convicted of a first offense DUI in Columbus, as part of the sentence the judge will ask whether the defendant wishes to complete a DIP or spend the mandatory time in jail.  Needless to say, the DIP is usually preferred for those who qualify.

In every DUI case, there should be two, simultaneous strategies.  The first is litigating the case and preparing for trial.  The other is to prepare for mitigation in the event that the case is resolved with a plea agreement.  Completion of a Ohio Driver Intervention Program can provide strong support for a mitigation strategy.

Many judges in Columbus give a great deal of credit to those who take the initiative and complete the program in advance of the final resolution of their case.  Sometimes by completing a DIP before sentencing, a defendant can avoid probation, thereby reducing some of the additional consequences that can follow a conviction for DUI.

In other cases, by simply completing a DIP a plea agreement to a lesser offense of DUI is often feasible.  Completion of a Driver Intervention Program Columbus Ohio can provide a prosecutor with tangible evidence that the accused is responsible, unlikely to find themselves in the same position again, and that this person should be given a break.

If you have DUI case against you, it is important to contact our team of experienced DUI Laywers to find out whether it is in your best interest to complete a Driver Intervention Program as part of a mitigation strategy in your case.