State v. McDonald: Ohio Supreme Court Felony Conviction Reduced As A Result of Appeal

State v. McDonald: Ohio Supreme Court- Felony Conviction Reduced

Our client, an Ironton man, was convicted in a jury trial of Failure to Comply, a third degree felony.  The client wanted to appeal.  The arrest occurred as a result of a high-speed police chase.  The pursuing police officer testified he clocked our client driving in excess of 110 miles per hour before the chase even began.  Other counsel represented our client during trial and at sentencing, when he was sentenced to serve 4 years in prison.

New Attorneys New Conviction

Our law firm was hired for the appeal.  First, we obtained our client’s release on appellate bond, and then briefed the case.  Our argument was that the verdict as returned by the jury was only sufficient to convict our client of a first-degree misdemeanor, not a felony.  On November 20, 2013, the Ohio Supreme Court agreed.  State v. McDonald, Slip Opinion No. 2013-Ohio-5042.

As a result of the appeal, our client’s conviction was reduced from a third-degree-felony to a first-degree misdemeanor.

Our client is now at home free from his previously entered felony conviction.

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