What If You Are Arrested For Your Friend’s Drugs?

If you are charged in Columbus with possession of drugs that belonged to a friend or someone else in your car or home, then you should promptly contact an experienced Columbus criminal attorney to represent you.

In Central Ohio it is common for a person to be charged with possession of drugs that actually belonged to someone else.  This can occur, for example, if a police officer pulls over a car for a routine traffic stop and observes drugs in the automobile.  If there are several people in the car, and no one admits to ownership of the drugs, then the officer may arrest all of the persons in the car, including the driver and each passenger, all for possession of the same drugs.

These persons frequently appear at arraignment and try to convince a prosecutor or the judge that the marijuana, cocaine, pills, or heroin actually belonged to one of the other persons who was in the car.  This is not the time or place to make this argument.  It never works, and actually, these people often make admissions that can be used against them to prove “constructive possession” of the drugs.

An experienced criminal attorney in Columbus can make sure your rights are protected and properly defend your case.  In Ohio, proximity to drugs alone is  not sufficient to prove possession of those drugs, and our firm has been extremely successful defending possession cases based on that defense, particularly when other persons have had access to the car, residence, or other place where the drugs were found.

If you have been charged, wrongfully or not, with possession of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or pills such as oxycodone, percocet, or vicoden, your legal interests are best served by an experienced Columbus criminal defense attorney.