Who Is Eligible For Diversion?

In Franklin County (Columbus) Ohio, a 1st time offender of a non-violent offense may be eligible for acceptance into Diversion.  Under this program, which is administered by the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, Diversion is generally available for non-violent felony offenders, including persons charged with Theft, Receiving Stolen Property, Child Support Violations, and possession of drugs — including possession of marijuana, cocaine, percocet, vicoden, oxycodone, heroin and other narcotics and controlled substances — as well as other non-violent felonies.  An experienced defense attorney can help you can acceptance into Franklin County’s diversion program.

Importantly, Diversion is not automatic.  Rather, it requires the agreement of the prosecutor and often the alleged victim.  It is therefore important to retain a knowledgable criminal lawyer who can advise you how to best gain entry into Franklin County’s Diversion program.  If you gain entry into and complete the program, your case will be dismissed, and your Columbus defense attorney will generally be able to expunge the record of your arrest.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can walk you through the process in order to assure you obtain the best result possible.

If you have been charged with a crime and believe you may be eligible for Diversion, contact an attorney to learn how to best protect your legal interests.  In Columbus, contact one of our criminal defense lawyers at (614) 547-5757.  A Columbus defense attorney will be available to speak with you at no charge.