Our Approach
At our firm we believe that excellence is everything. Some firms attempt to achieve profits by having many clients and doing a passable job on many cases. Here, we believe that having fewer clients and doing exceptional work for each is the true path to exemplary success. We do three particularly important things in every case and we believe it is our uncompromising insistence upon these three things that gives us the record we have:

1. Conduct a Comprehensive Factual Investigation: Long ago, a wise leader said, “what enables the sovereign and the good general to strike and conquer, and achieve things beyond the reach of ordinary men, is foreknowledge.” We use private investigators, expert witnesses, and any other tool we believe helpful to obtain a complete picture of each case. We believe that knowledge, a thorough understanding of the known and the unknown, more than any other factor in litigation, wins cases.

2. Thoroughly Prepare for Trial: Once we know what there is to know in a case, we prepare. Most people would not appear on T.V., radio, or other public speaking event without preparing remarks; why should lawyers and witnesses speaking in court be any different? We work on our delivery of every point and we repeatedly prepare each witness to testify so that when and if a trial occurs, the facts and points of law are delivered as a seamless and persuasive picture to the judge and jury.

3. Approach Each Case with Creativity: We approach each case with creativity. In the legal profession, “you cannot step into the same river twice” – laws change, clients change, judges change, facts change, and juries change. No case has been, or ever will be, identical to any other. Every case must be approached anew and this demands constant and unwavering dedication to creativity.

We recognize that sometimes the most effective way to make a point is to do something unorthodox. In the pursuit of demonstrating our client’s position, we have test-fired a shotgun in court, supoenaed a deputy police chief as a character witness, and mathematically tested the maximum acceleration of police cruiser.

In short, we try to know everything there is to know about a case, we prepare as fully as possible for trial, and we use every legal means at our disposal to secure the best possible result for our clients, even if that means doing something unexpected or different. We believe that because we follow this approach, even when we do not go to trial and instead settle a case, we are able to do so on better terms than would otherwise be available.