A drunk driving or OVI charge is always serious.  When there is an accident that results in injury, and you are charged with OVI, it is even more imperative that you seek legal representation through a drunk driving defense lawyer.  Often, when there is an accident and one of the parties involved is believed to have been drinking, it is that person who will be faulted with the accident and charged.

The charges, depending on the circumstances, can range from simply OVI and failure to control to felonies.  Regardless of the charge, judges often impose harsher penalties when there is an accident resulting in injury in connection with a drunk driving case.  It becomes even more critical for those faced with this unfortunate situation to understand their rights, and to have the benefit of an experienced Columbus OVI defense attorney.

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Penalties for Drunk Driving with Injury Cases

As the penalties in a conviction can be so extreme when anyone is injured in an OVI accident, it is an urgent matter to contact a drunk driving defense attorney from James D. Owen, LLC to discuss your case before it proceeds any further through the criminal justice system.

There have been many cases that upon review of the evidence, other factors that contributed to the injury accident were exposed, or problems with the prosecutor’s case are discovered, such as faulty alcohol testing, allowing our client to avoid the penalties such as prison time, fines, loss of ability to drive and other severe repercussions.

Fighting to defend yourself if accused of this serious criminal charge is your right under law; who you choose to represent you is of ultimate concern. Our legal team of Columbus DUI defense attorneys has extensive experience and a proven record of success in serious DUI charges, including those in which an injury accident took place.

The tendency of law enforcement is to end the investigation of an accident when they have concluded that there was drunk driving. It may be necessary to involve an independent accident investigator at once in order to bring evidence to court to support our case for the defense.

Contact a Columbus DUI Defense Lawyer from our firm at once if you are accused of drunk driving with injury.

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